Distribution: mailing by the personified base, a paid subscription, distribution at Russian and international industry exhibitions, technological seminars of leading companies.

All over the Russia:


  • Our data base is two thousands eight hundreds and seventy processing plants and farms,
  • Including one hundred ones of former Russian countries (Ukraine, Belorussia, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan).
  • Additionally – our distributors (our partners – suppliers of equipment, ingredients, packaging in regions – Volgograd, Novosibirsk, Chelyabinsk, Vladivostok, Krasnodar, etc.) receive totally one thousand and five hundreds copies – to have possibility to give new magazines directly to their clients – specialists who are responsible for the purchasing or somehow have influence on the subject.
  • We send from one to three copies according to our data base so this additional source is a very good support to cover more people we are interested in.
  • Seminars and exhibitions – about one thousand copies. (For example in AGROPRODMASH  we distribute three thousands magazines – we print additional magazines for that event – and the magazine is presented in every pavilion thanks’ to our partners and our co-operation).
  • Fifty copies we leave in office.